My Sunday Adventure

Sunday afternoon I decided to take a small adventure around Nashville. I have lived here since January and use my gps to nearly take me everywhere I go. Yesterday I decided to pack a few cookies in a ziplock bag, pour some Dr. Pepper in a mason jar, and head off without using my maps app. While driving through Nashville and venturing out to Franklin I was thinking on the sermon I had heard earlier that morning reminding me that God is not holding out. Everything I have, my state of spiritual maturity, my relationships, and everything else are all exactly what He wants me to have for this time in my life. As I was looking out my window at the beautiful sky and green fields I smiled just thanking God that He holds nothing back. So, as I often find myself wishing I had something I don’t, or wishing I was more spiritually knowledgeable, or even wishing I was already settled in a full time career, God reminded me that all of that is exactly what He has for me and where He has me right now. Me wishing for more is simply not trusting that God is sovereign and saying I think I know what is better for my life. Btw, I absolutely don’t. I enjoyed my little drive and think I may need to make them a regular occurrence. Today I’m thankful for a house that only young girls would live in, for parents that support me, friendships that are full of spontaneity, and a time in life that won’t last forever. What are you thankful for?




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