Well, it’s just been one of those weeks. I’ve babysat over 40 hours this week and in my head that wasn’t really ideal. I tried to keep reminding myself that I’m blessed to have these babysitting jobs (I really do love all your kids and my time with them, promise.) and kept trying to convince myself, and I think convince Jesus, I was thankful for those jobs. By Thursday night I was over it. I was over babysitting, I was over being a friend, I was sure over being a good girlfriend, and was just ready to sleep till I couldn’t sleep anymore. I’m thankful to live with girls that love Jesus and point me to Him. I also have a boyfriend that does that really well too! Esther always knows I LOVE to talk so I think she was a little concerned when I was in bed by 8:30 not really saying anything. She loved me like any good sister would and pointed me to Jesus. Exactly what I needed. After realizing some selfishness and the fact I most always think I’m capable of controlling situations and handling things on my own I ran to Jesus. Exactly where I needed to go. This morning I woke up and read Jesus Calling real quick before I ran off to take children to the library. It was perfect. Jesus met me where I am. It started off in all caps THIS IS THE DAY I HAVE MADE. How true! And how often I forget. Today is full of exactly what The Lord wants for us. So today as I drove a mini van around downtown and had two car seats in the back and Matt Redman singing ‘Bless The Lord oh my soul, worship His holy name’ I almost began to cry. Very often this week I thought to myself, I have a license to do hair and that’s my passion. This is not what I’m supposed to be doing. FALSE. It’s where God has me right now and with positive salon info I received this week it’s probably very temporary. Regardless, I’m here. I’m 22 with a license to cut hair and no kids, but driving the van around and pushing strollers like I was born for this. So, thank you Father for loving me more than I’ll ever be able to comprehend. You sent your son to die for me, your faithfulness will not stop now.


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