Well I’ve decided to bring the blog back now that I’m not spending every extra minute wedding planning. Yep, you read it right #wifethatgirl has officially been #WIFED. July 4th I got engaged and October 3rd I married the man of my dreams. The wedding day was perfect. All of our friends and family from every state under one roof celebrating. The next day we flew on cloud 9 to the beach for our honeymoon. Weather was perfect, water was warm and shopping was everything! We have felt so loved through this whole process. We soon returned to Nashville where work started back and responsibilities began calling our names again. Here we are, week 4 of marriage and I think I’m still on cloud 9. Sure, things aren’t perfect, they never will be and that’s not what I was ever expecting, BUT I do get to live life with the man I now call my HUSBAND. We get to plan meals together, serve together, sleep in the same bed together and wake up together, teach each other and learn how to love better. Are there disagreements? Well yeah, Taylor doesn’t think I should have both closets all to myself and I didn’t think it was necessary for us to keep ALL FIVE coffee brewing methods we got. But we’ve managed to work through both. (He has half of the extra closet and yes, we kept all 5 brewing machines) If you come over plan to drink coffee. Lots of it. I know marriage isn’t easy, I know it takes work. I’m not a professional wife and never will be, but I’m excited for the Lord to lead us to the cross through each other. I’m excited to live in a one bedroom apartment where we learn to share space and laugh when we both need to use the one bathroom at the same time. I’m excited to sit on a picnic blanket in the kitchen floor to eat supper because we don’t have a dining room table. Before we know it this season will be gone and these will be some of our favorite memories we tell our children. Friends, we cherish your prayers and encouragement. Sin is real and Satan doesn’t like relationships that glorify God, but we are in this to fight for it. We are beyond blessed with community who loves us but more importantly loves God. I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what season you’re in, just know the next season won’t be your problem solver. Know now, that in this season and the next 5, the only thing that won’t change is that God is enough. I need to remember that just as much as you do. Taylor will fail me, I will fail him but God never will. I pray we cling to that truth and it begins to be evident in our lives.

Photo by Kelsey Cherry–she rocks


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