My secret to curls

bumble selfieToday I’m letting you in on a little secret. I’m wearing my hair down, it hasn’t been washed in three days AND I even sweat last night while working out. [partly being on the elliptical, mostly using the tiny TV to watch New Girl]

I have 2 products I want to share with you that made this dirty hair some how still compliment capable.

First off, Bumble and Bumble is the jam. Let’s just get that out there.

I started with Bumble and bumble pret-a`-powder: I would start by going on either side of your part, leaving it directly off of it, and just using two shakes per section. Rub it in like shampoo and consider your hair {dry} washed. Any excess powder can simply be blown off with a blow dryer. Kudos to you, there was no oil for it to soak up and your hair wasn’t as dirty as you thought!

Next step: I use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to touch up my front strands, if necessary.

Finish: I spray all over with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and use my hands to re form my curls.

The look you will get is not necessarily the “I’m ready for the gala”, but more the “I’m an effortlessly sexy surfer” look.

Also, off subject, but I just want to say that goodwill flannel I mentioned in my insta post is reguarly $125 and I got it for $2.50. I’ll take that.

Comment with any questions or let me know how this style worked for you!

Love, Anna