Surviving the last weeks of Winter

I don’t know about you, but with last weeks less than desirable temperatures I am more than ready for warmer weather. I have finally reached the point that I reach about this time during every season where I feel like I am wearing the same clothes over and over and over! ( my husband assures me I’m not buuut let’s be honest, he’s just trying to prevent a shopping trip) I’ve stopped allowing myself to purchase anything for winter so all new clothes have to be for the spring and go in a pile of things that are desperately waiting to be worn. So, I’ve had to start getting creative. I’m going to share a few tips on how to make you and your wardrobe feel fresh when we are all ready to start wearing sandals and tank tops. First thing I did was purchase a new lip color. I chose Nars¬†Never Say Never matte lip pencil to brighten things up and remind me that cold weather will soon be gone. It is a great shade for the transitioning season and will go with me all the way through Summer. Secondly, I’ve been wearing a lot of hats. Anything from my baseball caps, to my wide brim fedora and trying to get as many wears out of my CC Beanie before I put it away for next year. My last tip is to start trying out Spring trends now so that you are more than ready to rock them when the time comes. It looks like athletic chic is going to be a big thing this year with the tennis shoes and jeans outfit–I’m all about it! Still trying to decide exactly which pair of New Balances I want. ( I had light pink ones in middle school) So for now I’m starting by pairing my workout leggings, tennis shoes, casual v neck, slouchy cardi, and bold lip to test out the “athleisure” trend. I hope some of these come in handy to help get you out of the “God willing last weeks of winter” fashion slumps.¬†